Volatility slots. What are they? How to choose, find and play correctly

Volatility slots. What are they? How to choose, find and play correctly

Personal test

Reliable institutions are checked by the developers of games and specialized controlling bodies, because the revealing of cases of cheating can affect not only the online casino itself, but also the creator of the slot.

So if you do not want in all senses to rely only on fate, and conduct a competent financial planning their game money – take as a rule to give a personal test slot from 50 to 100 spins in free mode, before the game for real money.

Conclusion of the test

After the tests make a conclusion, what type of volatility belongs to, the selected slot. Only after that confirm or deny your assumptions in other ways, for example: open the information about the slot machine and go to the section on the symbols, specifically, the payout table.

Among expert opinion there is a common distinction on the coefficients:

  • High-dispersion slots imply betting multipliers above 10,000;
  • Medium-dispersion slots from 5000 to 10000;
  • Low-dispersion slots below x5000.

Don’t forget that some models automatically change the multiplier values depending on the player’s stake, so adjust your maximum bet before looking at the payout table.

A third way to determine the type of volatility of a slot machine: study quality slot reviews and reviews of players on closed thematic forums, but it is still recommended to do your own testing.

Let us summarize 

After conducting tests you will have a general picture of what is happening, through which you can easily choose the right slot machine, depending on your preferences, the size of your bankroll, play style (degree of risk), which will eventually lead to a more competent development of appropriate strategies, and consequently a significant increase in personal chances for success and winnings.

The only thing if you have the impression that everything in online casinos lends itself to cold calculation, stop, the variance of the slot is one of the few parameters (albeit important), which simply must be kept in mind. Since no theory can take into account the key factor encountered in the gambling industry – luck.

Usually, all experienced and professional players have started at one time with the free mode and only later, after learning the game rules thoroughly, identifying its secrets and opportunities, gaining enough confidence in their own abilities, went on to the game for money.

However, as already mentioned, it is possible to determine the dispersion.

For example, you can pay special attention to the frequency of payments. They may be higher or, conversely, lower indices of total bets.

Sometimes players lose a certain amount of time in the slots, then suddenly gets lucky and comes a big win, and then again continue to fail. This indicates a high level of dispersion.

Choosing a virtual casino to play at is a very serious matter, and so everything should be considered. Understanding this already greatly increases your chances of subsequent success.

Try to try your own strength on slots that have different levels of variance

This concept refers to the section and in practice shows the frequency of the player’s winnings, depending on the total number of spins made.

Volatility is inextricably linked to returns; over the long haul, the slot is theoretically programmed to take a certain percentage of the player’s bets.

Taking this factor into account, two different games with the same payout should have identical payout multipliers. However, the developers are constantly bringing variety, implementing new ideas and marketing moves, so slot machines in terms of mathematics is constantly becoming more complicated.

The variance of the slot directly affects the risk in the game

For example, if one model will have a high variance and the other low, the game at the maximum allowable value of the bet, in both cases can be called the game with the highest level of risk.

However, in the first case, the probability of waiting for a win is much lower than in the second, so lose your bankroll and give money to the casino in the machine with a high level of dispersion, much higher.

When setting the volatility of a slot machine as a key parameter, most experts forget to remind players of the presence and importance of other features of the device, which should also be taken into account: the number of lines and reels, theoretical player return (RTP), the presence of a progressive jackpot, mechanics and other important components. Unfortunately, competent prioritization and the correct evaluation of all these factors comes to players only with experience

High-dispersion slots

  • The increased volatility of slot machines implies that the player has a substantial bankroll. Due to the fact that the frequency of folding payable combinations is low, there is a risk of prolonged “silence” online slot.
  • In this regard, choose strategies that involve playing at low stakes. In any case, high odds will allow picking up big winnings and covering long betting costs.
  • In this case, for the player, the main difficulty is not to change the machine prematurely and not to increase the bets, succumbing to the influence of gambling.

Medium-dispersion slots

  • The player’s choice of strategy is similar to the above type of volatility.
  • Payout frequency and bonus mechanics are higher, but winnings multipliers are slightly lower than in high-dispersion machines. On average, the strategy should meet the availability of the player’s bankroll of 50 – 150 attempts.
  • As a rule, the growth of the initial bankroll with this type of model can reach 50-100% or a little more, if you are lucky.

Low Volatility Slots

  • This is the last type of slot volatility, allowing for higher betting strategies. After numerous tests, it is rare to find a slot session where a bonus game or lucrative mechanic did not fall within 20-50 spins.
  • Low-dispersion slots are best suited for those who like the frequent appearance of winnings on their screen, dynamic game with interesting plots and in-game “chips” or expect to increase their bankroll to within 30-50%.

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