What mistakes blackjack players make most often

What mistakes blackjack players make most often

There’s nothing wrong with making a mistake if it’s not a regular one. One mistake will rob you of a certain amount of money, but another mistake will seriously increase the advantage of the gambling establishment. Let us take a look at the most common misconceptions, myths, and, of course, mistakes, which may cause a powerful blow to the player’s bankroll.

We do not get tired of repeating that beginners should strictly adhere to the basic strategy and not deviate from it a single step if they want to win. It is likely that such a simple recommendation is not properly communicated to the player and people just don’t believe us. Well, let’s give some real-life examples-what can this lead to?

Panic fear of overshooting

Professional advice, as practice shows, is not always used – some players simply disregard it and in a panic afraid of taking too much, they stop even at 12 points. The first mistake – they don’t look at the dealer’s card at all, believing that this person will a priori get an overcall.

Don’t stop the set at the minimum points, your bet will only play if the dealer has blatantly weak cards. If the dealer has an open card is a 9, 10, or an ace – continue to fill in the cards, follow the standard basic strategy, which was tested before you a few million players, and check as many more.

Get your half of the bet back

Surrender is very unpopular with new players – not wanting to lose half of your bet, as practice shows, leads to losing all your money. Surrender is one of the most profitable player tools which gambling houses often either limit or simply prohibit. Since gambling houses are far from being run by players, such a negative attitude towards 

Surrender is not unreasonable.

The same applies to Double. Do not ignore this tool, the basic strategy does not accept it, it is important to study thoroughly the recommendations of experts on the use of Double and apply it in practice.

Is split important?

The key to successful play is not to split two fives. 

  • This combination gives you a strong 10, and if you split, it turns into a very unprofitable 2 fives for the player. 
  • You stand a good chance of getting a really weak hand of 13-15 when the second card comes out.
  • Split tens shouldn’t be done either, it’s destructive to your winning probability.
  • You may do it only in case the dealer’s card is weak, but even in this case it is not worth the game and you shouldn’t split tens, though.

Insurance and Equal Money

Every dealer, whether in a real or a virtual casino, will offer you a life insurance policy or a pot of equal money. Refuse, such insistence of the dealer obviously for a reason. These tools are only effective if a player counts cards and knows approximately what cards are still in the pot (ten-point cards should predominate there). Boldly decline.

Don’t imitate the dealer

One of the most serious, common mistakes is trying to imitate the dealer. The gist of this strategy is, let’s say, very simple-you play the cards the way the dealer plays them. Players who do so completely forget about the rules of blackjack, according to which the employee is obliged to score 17 points.

And to the second common foolishness, which players try to realize, is counting cards in online casinos. There is no value to this effective tool in offline casinos on the internet and here’s why – the cards that have been dealt are shuffled and returned to the game, so you may well come across a card that has just been dealt in the next hand. So you won’t be able to count anything, and the whole idea of counting cards makes no sense.

Familiarize yourself in advance with the casino rules

By the way, familiarize yourself in advance with the casino rules – if the dealer is allowed to draw cards after reaching a soft 17 points. This negatively affects the player’s advantage and it is better not to play in such a casino.

We have cited only the most common mistakes and blunders of players and hopefully, they will help you in your ascent to gambling heights. And if you play for profit and not for pleasure, treat the game as a science and not as entertainment.

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