Win-win bets on sports

Win-win bets on sports. The whole truth!

Pro players make a lot of money and this is their main activity. Sites/resources that have article headlines screaming that they have a win-win strategy for sports betting are doing nothing more than cheating. And people who buy these strategies from them, themselves wish to be deceived, as they hope to make quick and easy money.

What is the most often offered to people under the guise of win-win strategies for betting?

The game on the forks. “Pitchforks” are players who bet in different bookmakers’ offices on mutually exclusive outcomes. They make these bets due to the fact that the odds in the bookmakers’ lines are always different, and it is on this the players and try to catch bookmakers. Although the winning odds are often quite small (2-3%), when betting a large sum, even these small percentages, with a 100% guarantee of success, will be more than enough.

Fork services are those who promote the idea that playing forks is the only way to make money on bets. Their goal is the same – to sell their product.

Sanctions of bookmaker’s offices in relation to the forklifts: 

  • if lucky, the maximums will be cut
  • if not – the account will be blocked.

Aftergoal betting 

“After-goalers” are players who make a bet after a goal or a puck has been scored, but there has been no change in the bookmaker’s line. To this type of players bookmakers treat exactly the same as the “forked”. It is true that one or two times they may turn a blind eye to it, you just might get lucky, but if it happens systematically, then sanctions are very likely to be applied.

Betting on match-fixing

It’s silly to deny the existence of match-fixing, at least according to the high-profile scandals with the exposure of a particular match-fixing in which the coach or player admits that he “passed” the game. However, it should be understood that such information is never “leaked” to the net.

Ask yourself the question, “if you had 100% information about a rigged match, would you share it with anyone else? It’s just another myth about win-win betting.

Betting on a sure thing or small odds

Betting on a sure thing or small odds. Many people even demonstrate how they make bets on small odds, showing screenshots of their bets, only the thing is that the amounts shown there are extremely modest 500-1000 rubles, and the bets are made on odds: 1,1-1,2. It should be understood that it will not be possible to earn for a long time on such odds. At a loss, it will take a long time to win back, and for sure at the first failure you will start to doubt in this strategy.


At first glance overtaking looks like a real no-lose strategy, but soon it becomes clear that winning by it is not so easy. Betting without losing does not exist. There is always the possibility of not just losing a bet, but several bets in a row. Some players may have a losing streak of several dozens. Standard catch-up will only lead to plum, it is worth using it only in an upgraded form.

This material is prepared solely to reduce the number of people who have randomly trusted either cheaters or people who do not know what they are talking and writing about. The only win-win betting strategy for you should only be your strategy, which you yourself have developed and which is completely suitable for you.

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